Heres the truth...

For years I was abusing my body, shaming it for not being good enough, not giving it the nourishment it needed and actively avoiding giving it the attention that it really deserved.

Sound familiar? 

I don’t want to focus this section on how overweight I was or the physical changes that came with my lifestyle change, but how I altered my mindset on wellness, learned to love myself and gave my body the opportunity it needed to flourish.

Phew! Sounds like a tough task right? I promise you that it's easier than you think with the right tools. 

Bullying during my childhood left me lethargic and apathetic for most of my school years. Unfortunately this left me turning to food for comfort, the effect of which left me damaged both physically with my weight and overall fitness level as well as mentally. Ultimately this left me with a lifelong battle against anxiety and self esteem issues. However, the moment I found a fitness routine that worked for me alongside a balanced lifestyle, I was able to start feeling empowered and confident within my skin.

I now have a true understanding of what my body can do no matter what size it is at the time and I want to show you how to do the same. 

I know that it might not seem possible right now, but stick with me... I promise to show you that you are unapologetically worth every bit of space that you take up in this world and that you are more than capable of being happy, healthy, strong, confident and empowered.

I’m here to support you one on one. We’ll challenge your beliefs about health and fitness, help you learn to love, cherish and appreciate your body no matter what it’s size. And we’ll create a completely bespoke fitness routine that you love to help you achieve your goals.

I’m so excited to work with you and I promise that you will be looking at your body in a whole new light very soon

If any of my story sounds even a tiny bit familiar to you then you are in the right place.
What are you waiting for? Jump on board and lets get started!