What my clients say

I had a lot of expectations about my PT sessions with Jen, but the one thing that surprised me the most was how much fun they were. I looked forward to my sessions every week, and just really appreciated having the support of someone guiding me and telling me how to improve my form.

I’ve always been fairly active, but now I play sports more regularly, I wanted to knuckle down and really improve my general fitness, stamina and strength. Another big aspect for me to work on was my confidence - the sports I play are mixed gender, so I literally need to learn how to take on the big boys. That’s easier said than done, and involves mental strength as well as physical strength. Jen’s support extended beyond cajoling me through my battle ropes reps; getting me to journal my thoughts, realise the importance of downtime, and also talk through my fears of failure in sport, was just as valuable.

At the start of summer 2018 I couldn’t do full press-ups properly, needed to improve my cardio and stamina, and I was wary of kettlebells. After my sessions with Jen, my press-ups are finally decent, I love one-handed kettlebell swings, and I actually enjoy sprinting drills. I’ve loved every session, and being able to push myself. There were times where it was such hard work, it felt like hell, but the adrenaline rush you get when you’ve finished is incredible.

I’d definitely recommend Jen as a PT - she’s so supportive, and also so damn chill! She’ll push you when needed, but helps you feel relaxed and focused, rather than stressed and agitated. It’s all about your goals and your journey with Jen - not just someone screaming at you to ‘work harder.’ The fact that Jen has been through this journey too - getting fitter, learning to love the gym, working past those mental blocks - is so encouraging. If you have goals you want to work towards, definitely get in touch with Jen. You won’t regret it!  

Emma Whitney,
Personal training and wellness coaching client - Summer 2018

I completely lost my way in Spring/Summer 2017 and allowed the balance to shift to longer office hours, poor diet, and too many rosés in the sun.

Fast forward 8 months and Jen has completely transformed the way I feel about exercise, reminds me to make time for “me” and has made me realise that I can build work, family and friendships around training.  All it takes is a little planning and focus. I don’t always get it right and sometimes the balance still slips but Jen has supported me in our Clapham Common sessions, through private messages and her #insta posts.  

Meeting weekly no two sessions were the same. Jen always came prepared to help push me, introduce new equipment (loved the battle ropes) and always made time for boxing (my absolute favourite!).  

I don’t think I could have kick-started this without her and now feel confident that I can do this 💪🏼 a massive thank you to Jen for her works of encouragement and for pushing me to get the most out of my training!

Kate Barekati,
Personal training client, 2017-2018

When I first started the plan I was really nervous as I hadn't followed a fitness plan before. Jen assessed what my capabilities were and she was able to pull together a plan which was suitable for my lifestyle and what facilities I had access too. With regular check-ins I was able to stay focused week after week. It was hard to start with but as the weeks went on I felt my mentality change and my ambition to reach my goal grow more and more each day.

Thank you Jen!

Rachel Ma,
Bespoke plan client - 2017

As someone who has never been into exercise and never stuck to an exercise plan I thought I'd never actually enjoy doing exercise! But Jen's plans are tailored around what I wanted to do, the kinds of exercise I like, were short and more importantly easy to work in around my life!

She keeps in touch with you in a way which works for you, without being too OTT and offers great guidance on how to do the exercises. She sends great motivational messages which give you a kick up the arse to get in your exercise for the day!

I have only been doing it for 5 weeks but feel so much better in myself and feel my strength building up!! Would definitely recommend!!

Sophie Dowdell,
Bespoke plan client - 2017